• Chalan Tun Antonio Apa, In Lower Dandan Village Saipan MP 96950

Move-in Information

We know it can be overwhelming to start applying for a new place to live. Saipan Comfort Homes’ staff is knowledgeable and friendly, we are here to help you! Here’s how you can start the move-in process.

1. Please Contact Us to get more information about your qualifications. Everyone is unique! Or, please visit our FAQ’s page to review the qualifications.

2. Start the application process. Be sure to visit our Rental Documents page to see all the documentation you will need to apply. Then, please fill out our Rental Application here

3. We will process your documents and let you know if you qualify!

4. Congratulations! You qualified! Now, all you have to do is pay first month’s rent as well as a $640 security deposit. If you can’t pay all at once, please speak to one of our team members, we may be able to work with you.

Welcome to your new home!
We are happy to welcome you into our safe, secure and fun community!
Take a look at our Layouts page to see your new Saipan rental unit!

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